Thursday, May 21, 2009


Islam completely is against detention of women, Islam doesn’t agree to house women, according to Islam, ideas of compulsion and commixture are not perfect.
Behavior of Mohammad (pbuh) doesn’t match with the idea of commixture, since he had been advising that,
In alleys men should pass through the middle and women through the edge. Also about the entrance of mosques there should be separate doors for men and women.
The right relationship between the opposite sexes is elaborated in the story of SHOAIB's daughter in Quran.
By thinking in this story we will find out that Quran rejects both ideas of compulsion and commixture.
Moses is a stranger bachelor, in his way he sees two girls that are keeping their sheeps away from the pool,
Moses asks them why don’t you water your sheeps?
They reply with dignity, we won't water until the male shepherds leave here.
So in this part both ideas are rejected, there was no necessity to cause Moses to go and ask them, and if commixture were true Moses should say "come on, these shepherds are not bugbears".
Moses waters their sheeps.
Next part; SHOAIB asks his daughters, "why did you come back soon?" they answer, a chivalrous watered the sheeps.
SHOAIB says go and bring him here.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Human beings have been created in the form of two sexes and God has put the tendency toward the opposite sex in their nature, human's character, convention of society and of course Islam knows this desire as the most natural axiom of the instinct.
The question is, how should be the relationship between opposite sexes before marriage?
There are two ideas about this matter:
1- idea of Compulsion: it says that the relationship between opposite sexes must be according to necessity i.e. so long as there is no urgency, we should avoid the relationship.
2-idea of commixture: according to this opinion, men and women could relate to each other with regard to canonical standards, as two human beings not as opposite sexes they can participate in scientific conversations with each other and so on, with regard to canonicals.
Now lets see what's the basis of these ideas,
Followers of idea of Compulsion ratiocinate that man and woman are like fire and cotton so their proximity is dangerous, also they exemplify Joseph, the prophet, who couldn't resist against the woman,with that much of chastity(as a prophet) and prayed for the help of God.
So the first group concludes that the approximation is completely dangerous and we must avoid the unnecessary relationships.
What does Commixture idea say?
It says human being is greedy to what ever is forbidden, so if we want to have a safe
society we must reduce the sensitivity.
And Islam's opinion:
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