Monday, June 1, 2009


SHOAIB says go and bring him here.
You see, if he wanted to behave according to compulsion, he shouldn’t send his young daughter for Moses.
And if the girl wanted to behave according to commixture, she should go and simply tell Moses, my father has sent me for you, but she goes alone with extreme dignity and stays beside the way, Moses finds out that the girl want to have a word with him, so he goes toward her, and she briefly says, my father says come to me to compensate your kindness.
Then Moses doesn't say come to go shoulder to shoulder, he says it is not in our custom to walk behind women (you shouldn’t look at a woman even from behind).
Later, SHOAIB's daughter tells her father, Moses is strong and trustee, hire him.
The relation ship between men and women is mentioned in Quran and the ideas of compulsion and commixture are clearly rejected.
There is a nice sentence, Quran says:"behave them according to common law".
Common law means some thing that is right according to canonicals, wisdom and nature.
Common law is different, in different places, i.e. in the mosque there must be curtain between men an women, but it must not be so in a class in universities.
So we should find out, what is the common law in each place.
Quran says relate with each other, talk to each other, but according to common law.
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By the way, I know the translated text is not without any mistake, so if you find something that should be changed or deleted or the like, please let me know.thanks.may God help us..
ref. :translated from here with summarization..