Thursday, August 25, 2011

Al-Quds Day!

Shame on you illegal regime, shame on you Israel.
These days the more we follow the news the more we hear painful news, starvation and famine in somalia that makes us sad, and also violence and conflict, that some are about gainning the right ( in some arabic countries) and some are tyranny and massacre, The latter is being done by an illegal regime on Gazza’s oppressed people.
O people of the world, how hardhearted could be some one to see and hear, killing of defenseless women and teenagers and other people in Gazza strip and be apathetic!.
Some may say that these attacks are, in some extent as defence, but its not so, who was the cease fire breaker? Israel.
O owners of common sense, all over the world, support oppressed people of Palestine as you can, it could be by a text on these tyrannies on the web.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In holy religion of Islam, all prophets are respectful, Jesus (Isa in Qur'an)is one of the great prophets and his name (Isa) has been repeated, respectfully, 25 times in different Surah's in Qur'an. Muslims believe the religion that he brought to human beings was one of the divine religions and at that time the most complete one, and all people must obey it to be saved.
Muslims use a prefix (HAZRAT) for Jesus (pbuh) that is the same title that they use for Muhammad(pbuh), prophet of Islam, it shows the respect that Muslims have regard to
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Friday, July 16, 2010


Once upon a time…
In an Arabian country beside the Persian (for ever) gulf tallest hotel was constructed, it was called the symbol of a great port in a country in which the official religion was Islam, but, the magnificent building that expected to be JUST like a big sail (of course that was so, from the frontal and lateral view), from the behind was a gigantic Christian cross..
Sure, you know what I am talking about...
Burj al Arab in the UAE. It’s the symbol of an important port (Dubai) in a Muslim country or the largest Christian cross in the world?!!
In spite of the fact that the initiation of this construction refers to 1994 and perhaps it’s an out of date matter, but I decided to write about it…

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Friday, May 21, 2010


never, never, never......

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


some day Lie told the Truth:
would you like to go to sea to swim?
Truth naively accepted.
they went to beach.
when they arrived, Truth took off his clothes,then Lie cunningly put on Truthe's clothes and went away.
from that time, Truth is always naked and ugly...
but the Lie,demonstrates itself in the clothes of Truth, with an adorned appearance.
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ref. translated from here

Saturday, February 27, 2010


PLAN while others are Playing

STUDY while others are Sleeping

DECIDE while others are Delaying

PREPARE while others are Daydreaming 

BEGIN while others are Procrastinating

WORK while others are Wishing

SAVE while others are Wasting

LISTEN while others are Talking

SMILE while others are Frowning

PERSIST while others are Quitting

ref. here

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Sunday, January 31, 2010


How (what) does a prey feel?
Have you thought about this matter?
Consider, an animal for instance a deer , that is grazing, its careful about the environment ,
sees nothing to be dangerous, suddenly, hears a loud sound, a volley, then in no time, it feels an extreme pain.
It doesn’t know, from where does it come? Just a sound and then a pain. it also doesn’t know what's the relation between the sound and the pain...
I feel pity for them,,

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Imam Hossein , third Imam of Shia Muslims , grandson of Mohammad (Islam's prophet) And his family beside seventy two of the best people of that age were martyred in Karbala (in Iraq).
We as shia Muslims mourn every year, the first ten days of Moharram (first month of new year of Hijri Qamari). This is not something as a tradition but a spiritual lamentation.
Unfortunately some extremists that their deeds are not wise according to every rational Shia ,do mourning in irrational ways such as , cutting themeselves, wearing dog's collar or reading poems that despise the dignity of human being, etc.
Shia enemies misuse of these irrational mournings that are done by some minorities, to spoil Shias. So dear Shias careful about your holy mournings.There is a picture of mourning , an irrational one,somewhere in Afghanistan, unfortunately…

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Topiary:the art of cutting bushes into different shapes such as birds or animals etc.

its beautiful,isnt it?

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Once upon a time a man was passing through a desert, suddenly he saw a lion, a hungry one, he started to run and the lion ran after him,
From distance he saw a well, he became extremely glad, but as soon as he reached the well, an angry dragon appeared at the bottom of the well.
He was in a "great divide" a hungry lion behind and an angry dragon in front of him.
At this time some thing made him happy, it was a thistle, on the inner side of the well.
There was no time, danger was near, so at once he grabbed the thistle and became hanged into the well.
Now he felt relax and safe, beside it some thing desirable happened, he saw that there were some delicious fruits on that bush, he started to eat those fruits, but this happiness wasn’t long lasting too, the worst thing happened two mice, one white and the other black appeared and started to chew the stem of the bush …
It’s the story of our world; now look into the list of cast:
Lion: the Angel of death
Dragon: grave
Thistle: our property in this world
white: day
black: night
may be you say it is a pessimistic view, but I think it shows the triviality of this world in comparison with the life after death, because that is our permanent place.
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Monday, June 1, 2009


SHOAIB says go and bring him here.
You see, if he wanted to behave according to compulsion, he shouldn’t send his young daughter for Moses.
And if the girl wanted to behave according to commixture, she should go and simply tell Moses, my father has sent me for you, but she goes alone with extreme dignity and stays beside the way, Moses finds out that the girl want to have a word with him, so he goes toward her, and she briefly says, my father says come to me to compensate your kindness.
Then Moses doesn't say come to go shoulder to shoulder, he says it is not in our custom to walk behind women (you shouldn’t look at a woman even from behind).
Later, SHOAIB's daughter tells her father, Moses is strong and trustee, hire him.
The relation ship between men and women is mentioned in Quran and the ideas of compulsion and commixture are clearly rejected.
There is a nice sentence, Quran says:"behave them according to common law".
Common law means some thing that is right according to canonicals, wisdom and nature.
Common law is different, in different places, i.e. in the mosque there must be curtain between men an women, but it must not be so in a class in universities.
So we should find out, what is the common law in each place.
Quran says relate with each other, talk to each other, but according to common law.
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By the way, I know the translated text is not without any mistake, so if you find something that should be changed or deleted or the like, please let me know.thanks.may God help us..
ref. :translated from here with summarization..

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Islam completely is against detention of women, Islam doesn’t agree to house women, according to Islam, ideas of compulsion and commixture are not perfect.
Behavior of Mohammad (pbuh) doesn’t match with the idea of commixture, since he had been advising that,
In alleys men should pass through the middle and women through the edge. Also about the entrance of mosques there should be separate doors for men and women.
The right relationship between the opposite sexes is elaborated in the story of SHOAIB's daughter in Quran.
By thinking in this story we will find out that Quran rejects both ideas of compulsion and commixture.
Moses is a stranger bachelor, in his way he sees two girls that are keeping their sheeps away from the pool,
Moses asks them why don’t you water your sheeps?
They reply with dignity, we won't water until the male shepherds leave here.
So in this part both ideas are rejected, there was no necessity to cause Moses to go and ask them, and if commixture were true Moses should say "come on, these shepherds are not bugbears".
Moses waters their sheeps.
Next part; SHOAIB asks his daughters, "why did you come back soon?" they answer, a chivalrous watered the sheeps.
SHOAIB says go and bring him here.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Human beings have been created in the form of two sexes and God has put the tendency toward the opposite sex in their nature, human's character, convention of society and of course Islam knows this desire as the most natural axiom of the instinct.
The question is, how should be the relationship between opposite sexes before marriage?
There are two ideas about this matter:
1- idea of Compulsion: it says that the relationship between opposite sexes must be according to necessity i.e. so long as there is no urgency, we should avoid the relationship.
2-idea of commixture: according to this opinion, men and women could relate to each other with regard to canonical standards, as two human beings not as opposite sexes they can participate in scientific conversations with each other and so on, with regard to canonicals.
Now lets see what's the basis of these ideas,
Followers of idea of Compulsion ratiocinate that man and woman are like fire and cotton so their proximity is dangerous, also they exemplify Joseph, the prophet, who couldn't resist against the woman,with that much of chastity(as a prophet) and prayed for the help of God.
So the first group concludes that the approximation is completely dangerous and we must avoid the unnecessary relationships.
What does Commixture idea say?
It says human being is greedy to what ever is forbidden, so if we want to have a safe
society we must reduce the sensitivity.
And Islam's opinion:
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Sunday, March 15, 2009


According to dictionaries fear means; an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific danger.
As human beings all of us have hade, and being rational, will have such an emotion.
We live in a world in which you can find nothing completely positive or negative, every thing that is related to mankind has both sides. i.e. fear has good as well as bad aspects too, but here I'm trying to take a look at bad aspects.
Fear is an obstacle to our achievements, you know better than me, we all have plenty of instances in this case, remember the first riding of bicycle of yours, could you?
The fear of falling, this fear causes stumbling, etc.
I believe that it is fear that stands in front of us as an obstacle and causes our failure or postpones our success.
Also there is another thing that some how has effects like fear, its called diffidence.
Here I have a question, how much do fear and diffidence overlap each other?
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Monday, September 29, 2008


"In my point of view there's a readyness issue that should be met before any major change or worldwide revolution is to take place. In other words, things need to get worse and people or the so-called followers of truth and justice should be prepared.And about evil, there's as much evil in muslim countries as there is in the occupied palestine (Israel). Only the form of evil and the definition is different.In conclusion Imam Mahdi (pboh) will come, but when? That's a question to be answered by time.BTW if Iran and other muslim countries are to be the main supporters of Mahdi (pboh), instead of focusing on radical religious acts, catching up on all these years of ruling out everything in the name of religion would be a change. The savior needs technology and communication. You don't expect to win a world war for justice with the help of horses and bow and arrows or WWII artillery?That's my 2 cents.. ;)"
Dear Mohammad,
Thanks a lot for your precious comment,ِ
there are some points that I should explain, I agree with you that people and followers should be prepared, but I don't admit this idea:
"things need to get worse", its just a right prediction that THINGS WILL GET WORSE.
the thing which is important is that human being must find out that they are living in INJUSTICE all people, even the people who live in developed countries, they must come to understand that human being can not establish a pure just kingdom.
Next matter is evil, it is why I proclaim we need justice, but a divine justice.
about the volume of evil, that you've claimed among Jews and Muslims,the extent is the same, I don't agree with you.
There is so much injustice in our country, both politically and economically, but not
equal extent of evil, as what is apparent in, lets say Israel.
And the last thing, as I've said, this article is not going to study the justice in Muslim or other countries,its just a hint of The Last Savoir.
Imam Mahdi(pbuh) has the support of Allah, is there a source or force or an existence more powerful than Allah? He doesn't need the technology of you and me or even a country, He has got the Knowledge from God.
May be you ask, at last He should have some soldiers, and the soldiers should have some things as weapons or not?
It is true, but it doesn't mean that Imam Mahdi (pbuh) is limited to what Muslims have in their arsenals.
Beside it no one knows exactly, how will be the war at that time, may be by the means of some extra advanced divine weapons, who knows?
Thank you again for your 2 cents.. ;)
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Saturday, September 6, 2008


Most of the Muslims believe that the Last Savior is alive, but unknown, he lives among people and will appear on the right time. it's one of basics of their belief. Maybe you say that such an age(more than 1000 years) is unbelievable, here I don’t want to argue on this matter but I remind you an apparent issue:
This is matter of God and his infinite power, now consider this;
Can you make a sculpture in the shape of a bird out of clay then puff into it and make it alive?
Of course you can't, no one can do it(without any conjuring), but Jesus(peace be upon him) did, he was a human being (neither God nor son of God) it was because of direct will of God , who through Jesus(pbuh) made the sculpture alive.
You know about such miracles better than me, so according to unlimited power of God, keeping some one alive for more than ten centuries is not unbelievable, as Noah lived about 1000 years.
My aim is not to prove Mahdi's existence, because I do believe it’s an obvious matter according to existed documentaries, if you think you need more information, there are so many useful sources, just try through one of search engines(like
According to my previous posts the world needs a singular kingdom, and the ruler who is the best for such a position is Mahdi(peace be upon him).
My goal of writing this article was just giving a hint to people who think, nothing more, so I leave it to you to search more WITH AN OPEN MIND to know more.
think well..
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The first and second world wars,also so many other wars all over the world show that the Erath needs a singular kingdom, the establishment of the United Nations organization proves that human being has approved this need.
Even with the existence of the U.N we see that the problems have not been lessened,so, a singular kingdom seems indispensable.
According to Bertrand rasel such a kingdom needs a ruler,having these characteristics:
1- He must do nothing in the sake of himself or for his benefit.
2-He must have an extreme knowledge about all good and evil.
3-He must have a great power to execute the law.
4- He must be some one who is able to unite the world.
He proceeds, since there is not such an individual,so establishment of singular kingdom will not come true,
But,I say that there is such a person…
Think well..
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Friday, July 25, 2008


Leaders have always changed the destiny of their people. who are the leaders? What characteristics do they have?etc..
These are questions that have been taken into consideration so many times.
Do you know the Last Savior? Have you heard about him?
Almost all religions especially divine ones ,believe in the Last Savior, who will eventually come and will fight against all vicious evil and the like.
He has got different names in different cultures and religions;
Muslims call him Mahdi (some one who is guided)
Followers of Abraham call him Sahib (owner)
Zoroastrians call him Soroushe Izad(God's voice)
Jews call him Mashie (!)
In the Zabour (David's holy book) he's called Qidmo(Qa'em)
This popularity indicates that it can not be a rumor or a superstition, so no one can easily reject it.
So there must be a person who is under complete support of Almighty God, and according to all considerable beliefs about the Last Savior, he will spread the real justice all over the world, and the Earth will be blessed, full of God's bounties.(to be continued)
I will say more in the near future.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Have you ever thought ,why we cant find phrases like "in MY opinion" or "it's MY" idea in the speeches of Plato, Aristotle,Hitler, George Bush,Ahmadinejad and etc. that all have been and are famous people and caused and cause some how changes in the world.
They all have said their hypothesis and ideas in a categorical way until now,they haven’t mind even minimum percent of being wrong,or existing of other better views, why they thought and think that they're completely right.
May be mistake is from us,as the rest,that always want to hear the speeches in a categorical way even when we know that its not possible to come true.
For eg: Freud's hypothesis about human psyche are said in a way , seems to be,the only way that we can analyze it, I don’t want to devalue such a great psychologist, but we know that several psychologists have produced several way of analyzing,about that matter,and the thing which is interesting is that ,each one considers himself as the right one!!
So what's wrong??why we all believe that we are the wise one!
Human being is satisfied entirely with his reason..
Isn’t so??
think well..
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Do you have a nice life? Are your life conditions,your health,your weight,etc. satisfactory??
Wanna change??
Read carefully!!
Have you heard about "the Secret"??
It’s a theory that has become so popular recent years,its about the importance of the way we are thinking and our imagination ,according to "the Secret" the whole universe is like a "genie of oil lamp".
What ever you have in your mind and think about, is sent to the universe as a magnetic wave,being a genie ,universe tries to fulfill your thought that is considered as your wish.
Main point here is that the universe does NOT care the thing you are thinking to,is a desirable wish or some thing that you strongly hate it.
So according to "the Secret" universe tries to fulfill your thoughts without taking into account whether it is your will or an unbearable and hateful condition that you never want to face.
For eg. when you always are thinking about your indebtedness, universe considers it as your want,and brings it more and more into your life,and it’s the same, to think of being healthy..
It’s the website of this theory,
For being more familiar and getting more info. visit,and like ALWAYS;
think well
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Monday, December 31, 2007


Recent days I heard a very interesting news,it was about the human health,Malaysian physicians have DISCOVERED! that tie is harmful for the health!!and their reason; because people usually do not wash this piece of clothe,so it is a place for assemblage of, according to their reasoning,shirts can be harmful,as well as socks,trousers and all other clothes,if you don't wash it wise to say that ''tie is harmful,because you do not wash it''..
think well..
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Friday, December 7, 2007


"Sufi", do you know the meaning of this word?
According to Cambridge adv.dic. it means "a member of an Islamic religion group which tries to achieve unity with God by living a simple life and praying and meditating".
This word is an equivalent for the word "gnostic",a person who comes to a spiritual knowledge through some rituals.
one of the biggest gnostics in the history of world has been Mawlânâ Jalâl al-Din Rumi an Iranian gnostic whose shrine is in Turkey.
He has so many literary works on gnosis,on extreme pleasure by self denying and going toward God.
During recent decades the number of the people who are interested in his philosophy and thoughts is increasing,esp. in USA in which
best-seller in recent years has been Mawlânâ's verses.
there are some useful sites and links that you can visit for further exploration and more information.

Reff.: Rumi:Past and Present, By Lewis, Franklin.
I will say more about the greatest Sufi later.
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Thursday, November 29, 2007


All people have derived from a couple,Adam&Eve so,all human beings are brothers and sisters,but how different they later have become.
how much it is important that how has been our ancestors' life,how powerful or how welthy they've been I dont mean our near ancestors like grand mothers&fathers that could
have direct effect on our life.
consider a person who gathers his family tree and hangs it in his home,and in a great honor lectures about his ancestors' wealth and properties,while now he himself has not enough money to have a good meal!
I dont say it's not good to care about our distance fathers and mothers or not to gather our family tree I say that much more important,is to try to make ourselves great and useful rather than have a vanity about the people that are not exist any more.
consider again,two countries that have had the greatest realm in the ancient time,Iran and Greece,they have had the greatest knowledge,power&wealth of the world at that time.
what do they have from that majesty at the time being???
how much an Iranian or a Greek can honor for that time??
Is it wise to honor????
think well..
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


To forget!!
This is one of the biggest favours from God..
we are surrounded by God's bounties in the world,they're countless..
No one can really thank God for these favours...
He is the most capable,just consider how many stars do we have in the endless heaven..
I want to say something about one of the most important favours that we dont think about it as it is worth to be thought..
To Forget..
A mother loves her child dearly,she can not tolerate any harm to her child,imagine this child accidentally dies,the mother in a period of time has an undescribable grief,but how much this sense lasts??
I do believe that a mother never can forget her child's death,but the very sence of extreme sorrow is not everlasting..
For what it's so??
It's because of forgetting..
Dont you think it's a big favour from God??
Think well..
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How much of the meaning of a text depends on us as readers?
Each text cosists of numbers of words and other gramatical points,it has a meaning that some times completely and some times partially is the writer's aim of writing!
So when we read a text how much we can rely on ourselves about the meaning?
of course its up to so many things,
our acquaintance with the subject,level of complexity of the text,and the like..
What do critics say?
Fomalists say that the meaning is inside the text,no where else,check the meaning of the words,diction,connotations,etc.
Consider you want to read a piece of poetry,
just check and find the meaning of the words and trace figures of speech,there is no need to find historical and biographical info. about the poet,because what we are looking for is independent..
Followers of reader oriented theory,say that reader is the one that creates the meaning,and there is no meaning in a text until a reder reads it..
There are several critics and points of view in this approach,I will clarify later..
I,in an ordinary text,think the thing which is important is that we should have an active mind during the reading,then by challenging with the text,as much we could understand from it,is enough for us..
But it doesn't hold true in all texts.
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Monday, October 29, 2007


Girl,a kind liar!
Never tells her innermost opinion about you!Wants to satisfy every one by her says!Always is looking for better one-better proposal- even during engagement!When doesn't like you,doesn't frankly say NO,tries to make an excuse,to pretext!but I believe they are kind..what do you think,aren't they KIND LIARS???think well..
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This incipient weblog will be replete with the diaries and opinions of a twenty four-year-old Iranian student of English literature.He hopes you to help him with your precious comments,He avidly will check the comments.FRIENDLY RELATIONSHIP is his motto in this blog...
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