Thursday, August 25, 2011

Al-Quds Day!

Shame on you illegal regime, shame on you Israel.
These days the more we follow the news the more we hear painful news, starvation and famine in somalia that makes us sad, and also violence and conflict, that some are about gainning the right ( in some arabic countries) and some are tyranny and massacre, The latter is being done by an illegal regime on Gazza’s oppressed people.
O people of the world, how hardhearted could be some one to see and hear, killing of defenseless women and teenagers and other people in Gazza strip and be apathetic!.
Some may say that these attacks are, in some extent as defence, but its not so, who was the cease fire breaker? Israel.
O owners of common sense, all over the world, support oppressed people of Palestine as you can, it could be by a text on these tyrannies on the web.
think well..
nice time..