Saturday, July 18, 2009


Once upon a time a man was passing through a desert, suddenly he saw a lion, a hungry one, he started to run and the lion ran after him,
From distance he saw a well, he became extremely glad, but as soon as he reached the well, an angry dragon appeared at the bottom of the well.
He was in a "great divide" a hungry lion behind and an angry dragon in front of him.
At this time some thing made him happy, it was a thistle, on the inner side of the well.
There was no time, danger was near, so at once he grabbed the thistle and became hanged into the well.
Now he felt relax and safe, beside it some thing desirable happened, he saw that there were some delicious fruits on that bush, he started to eat those fruits, but this happiness wasn’t long lasting too, the worst thing happened two mice, one white and the other black appeared and started to chew the stem of the bush …
It’s the story of our world; now look into the list of cast:
Lion: the Angel of death
Dragon: grave
Thistle: our property in this world
white: day
black: night
may be you say it is a pessimistic view, but I think it shows the triviality of this world in comparison with the life after death, because that is our permanent place.
think well..
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ZAHRA said...

Hi. I am O.k. Thanks. It was nice to hear from you again. The story created a horrifying image in my mind, you know. I placed myself in the shoes of that guy. I felt fine when I got that those creatures were used as symbols to connote something. To me, we must live fully while counting God's blessing. I confess sometimes I do forget to be thankful. But I have no doubt in God's forgiveness.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. ~Mark Twain

One further thing, these day I have become a true fan of Twin's quotes. Cannot decipher why?

Very thought-provoking post. Break a leg.

Roozbeh Sanaei said...
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Roozbeh Sanaei said...

The underlying principle that I unloved such tales and also Islam all the time is making community feelings too emotional and idealistic and most of people misuse it. These emotions without use of logic can persuade people to do things ever worse than those others who even don’t trust god! And most of them utilize these to justify what they have done! I think we can be a human being not too superlative and not that horrific with aid of sense of logic and liability! Until this instant, to my experience, inside and outside of Iran (mainly, Asia (Iran, India, china) and US) those who speak much about spiritual concepts follow a worse manner when it goes into real life. They can justify every work they do. I hate such manner!

Roozbeh Sanaei said...
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toranj said...

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toranj said...

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