Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In holy religion of Islam, all prophets are respectful, Jesus (Isa in Qur'an)is one of the great prophets and his name (Isa) has been repeated, respectfully, 25 times in different Surah's in Qur'an. Muslims believe the religion that he brought to human beings was one of the divine religions and at that time the most complete one, and all people must obey it to be saved.
Muslims use a prefix (HAZRAT) for Jesus (pbuh) that is the same title that they use for Muhammad(pbuh), prophet of Islam, it shows the respect that Muslims have regard to
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Astronomy said...

Christian people do not believe like us. As the believe jesus is the son of the god. Even, I met many christian people who told me there is no name of Mohammad in the Bible. Although as you mentioned the name of Jesus has been mentioned in our holy book several time.