Friday, December 7, 2007


"Sufi", do you know the meaning of this word?
According to Cambridge adv.dic. it means "a member of an Islamic religion group which tries to achieve unity with God by living a simple life and praying and meditating".
This word is an equivalent for the word "gnostic",a person who comes to a spiritual knowledge through some rituals.
one of the biggest gnostics in the history of world has been Mawlânâ Jalâl al-Din Rumi an Iranian gnostic whose shrine is in Turkey.
He has so many literary works on gnosis,on extreme pleasure by self denying and going toward God.
During recent decades the number of the people who are interested in his philosophy and thoughts is increasing,esp. in USA in which
best-seller in recent years has been Mawlânâ's verses.
there are some useful sites and links that you can visit for further exploration and more information.

Reff.: Rumi:Past and Present, By Lewis, Franklin.
I will say more about the greatest Sufi later.
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