Thursday, November 29, 2007


All people have derived from a couple,Adam&Eve so,all human beings are brothers and sisters,but how different they later have become.
how much it is important that how has been our ancestors' life,how powerful or how welthy they've been I dont mean our near ancestors like grand mothers&fathers that could
have direct effect on our life.
consider a person who gathers his family tree and hangs it in his home,and in a great honor lectures about his ancestors' wealth and properties,while now he himself has not enough money to have a good meal!
I dont say it's not good to care about our distance fathers and mothers or not to gather our family tree I say that much more important,is to try to make ourselves great and useful rather than have a vanity about the people that are not exist any more.
consider again,two countries that have had the greatest realm in the ancient time,Iran and Greece,they have had the greatest knowledge,power&wealth of the world at that time.
what do they have from that majesty at the time being???
how much an Iranian or a Greek can honor for that time??
Is it wise to honor????
think well..
nice time..

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