Thursday, February 14, 2008


Have you ever thought ,why we cant find phrases like "in MY opinion" or "it's MY" idea in the speeches of Plato, Aristotle,Hitler, George Bush,Ahmadinejad and etc. that all have been and are famous people and caused and cause some how changes in the world.
They all have said their hypothesis and ideas in a categorical way until now,they haven’t mind even minimum percent of being wrong,or existing of other better views, why they thought and think that they're completely right.
May be mistake is from us,as the rest,that always want to hear the speeches in a categorical way even when we know that its not possible to come true.
For eg: Freud's hypothesis about human psyche are said in a way , seems to be,the only way that we can analyze it, I don’t want to devalue such a great psychologist, but we know that several psychologists have produced several way of analyzing,about that matter,and the thing which is interesting is that ,each one considers himself as the right one!!
So what's wrong??why we all believe that we are the wise one!
Human being is satisfied entirely with his reason..
Isn’t so??
think well..
nice time..


Zahra said...

Hi. Please do not judge a blog by its comments.

Good Luck


Zahra said...

Hello. ur comment did not bother me. I got what u mean. Most of the visitors of my blog do live abroad. Most of them, in fact, are Americans. I myself was totally busy that i could not update my blog on and off. I was and am busy reading and researching. At which uni u r getting ur B.A. or M.A, if i may ask?

Good luck,


Zahra said...

HELLO Ghasem,

How r u? Thanks for the reply. u r right. By Americans i meant those who live in US. Plus, in some cases it may happen for a NS to look for the meaning of a particular expression.

As i told u before, i was, am and will be totally busy that i can not focus on my blog deeply. Anyhow, thanks for ur comment.

I have added the link of ur blog.

You mentioned that the language of my blog is imperative. right? I am strongly interested in considering the discourse of a blog, a person, or even a nation. Do u read especial books that help u to stay focussed on the language of say a person? if yes, share the titles with me.

I got my B.A. from a not-very-famous azad uni. But I am getting my M.A. from a very good state uni. But, i dislike the uni very much. It has a small library and low grade facilities for students.