Friday, July 25, 2008


Leaders have always changed the destiny of their people. who are the leaders? What characteristics do they have?etc..
These are questions that have been taken into consideration so many times.
Do you know the Last Savior? Have you heard about him?
Almost all religions especially divine ones ,believe in the Last Savior, who will eventually come and will fight against all vicious evil and the like.
He has got different names in different cultures and religions;
Muslims call him Mahdi (some one who is guided)
Followers of Abraham call him Sahib (owner)
Zoroastrians call him Soroushe Izad(God's voice)
Jews call him Mashie (!)
In the Zabour (David's holy book) he's called Qidmo(Qa'em)
This popularity indicates that it can not be a rumor or a superstition, so no one can easily reject it.
So there must be a person who is under complete support of Almighty God, and according to all considerable beliefs about the Last Savior, he will spread the real justice all over the world, and the Earth will be blessed, full of God's bounties.(to be continued)
I will say more in the near future.
think well..
nice time..


Zahra said...

Hi. I am majoring in TEFL. So, u r preparing urself for the M.A. entrance exam. Yeah? I wish u good luck.

oh, u put one additional L for linguaphile.

Good topic to discuss. These religions as u may discuss later view the savior differently and from their own prespectives. The savior will save the oppressed and suppressed of course. Well, wanna read ur further thoughts on this interesting topic.



Negar said...

Hello , GHASEM
Great , this is a good topic. I want to know the last savior better so I will follow your writing .

MAHDI will come in future
He will make an ideal world for everyone
He will guide the people for live in the earth with peace
He will disappear injustice
He will fight with oppressive for help oppressed …

I don't know when he will come . I don't know I will be alive that time or not but, seeing the last savior is my wish .