Saturday, September 6, 2008


Most of the Muslims believe that the Last Savior is alive, but unknown, he lives among people and will appear on the right time. it's one of basics of their belief. Maybe you say that such an age(more than 1000 years) is unbelievable, here I don’t want to argue on this matter but I remind you an apparent issue:
This is matter of God and his infinite power, now consider this;
Can you make a sculpture in the shape of a bird out of clay then puff into it and make it alive?
Of course you can't, no one can do it(without any conjuring), but Jesus(peace be upon him) did, he was a human being (neither God nor son of God) it was because of direct will of God , who through Jesus(pbuh) made the sculpture alive.
You know about such miracles better than me, so according to unlimited power of God, keeping some one alive for more than ten centuries is not unbelievable, as Noah lived about 1000 years.
My aim is not to prove Mahdi's existence, because I do believe it’s an obvious matter according to existed documentaries, if you think you need more information, there are so many useful sources, just try through one of search engines(like
According to my previous posts the world needs a singular kingdom, and the ruler who is the best for such a position is Mahdi(peace be upon him).
My goal of writing this article was just giving a hint to people who think, nothing more, so I leave it to you to search more WITH AN OPEN MIND to know more.
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ZAHRA said...

I think we need this savior now today at this moment. The world needs him. We can just pray, u know.

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negar said...

I agree with you . we need a singular kingdom .I'm not an old person but I have seen a lot of treachery ,injustice ,cowardliness and … in the world even in the Islamic countreis . a lot of people and scientists think the global concern is pollution but I think global concern is these things . I can't stand this trend . the world needs a big change . a huge change needs a strong man . this man is Mahdi so let's clean our hearts , let's open our window ,perhaps the last saviour will come with a white hours and save the world and human beings .
good luck

Mohammad said...

In my point of view there's a readyness issue that should be met before any major change or worldwide revolution is to take place. In other words, things need to get worse and people or the so-called followers of truth and justice should be prepared.
And about evil, there's as much evil in muslim countries as there is in the occupied palestine (Israel). Only the form of evil and the definition is different.
In conclusion Imam Mahdi (pboh) will come, but when? That's a question to be answered by time.

BTW if Iran and other muslim countries are to be the main supporters of Mahdi (pboh), instead of focusing on radical religious acts, catching up on all these years of ruling out everything in the name of religion would be a change. The savior needs technology and communication. You don't expect to win a world war for justice with the help of horses and bow and arrows or WWII artillery?

That's my 2 cents.. ;)