Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The first and second world wars,also so many other wars all over the world show that the Erath needs a singular kingdom, the establishment of the United Nations organization proves that human being has approved this need.
Even with the existence of the U.N we see that the problems have not been lessened,so, a singular kingdom seems indispensable.
According to Bertrand rasel such a kingdom needs a ruler,having these characteristics:
1- He must do nothing in the sake of himself or for his benefit.
2-He must have an extreme knowledge about all good and evil.
3-He must have a great power to execute the law.
4- He must be some one who is able to unite the world.
He proceeds, since there is not such an individual,so establishment of singular kingdom will not come true,
But,I say that there is such a person…
Think well..
Nice time..


Anonymous said...

fantastic , you are right . i hope he will come soon . i want to see the world without war , without famine and without corruption so i have to be ready for see him . let's collaborate for see the last savior
i'm wating

Anonymous said...

hi man!
why dont you think of changing the fonts for each post?

itll make them yummy!!!


President Evil said...

I admire Bertrand Russell’s attempts for women’s suffrage albeit to no avail really at the time of his effort-makings.
I thank you for your comment. I cannot accede by what you would or might infer from what I wrote since like most of my writings, several interpretations are on the table to go for. In the meantime, I may add that double-checking the “text” to see what you have perchance missed already given to presuppositions about their denotation, let alone connotation, is a good helper.
Keep me posted about the continuum…

Take care,

Anahita said...

Hi.this is just a quick note to thank you for your great statment.I would be gratefull if you could countinue your statement soon!
yours faithfully

Mandana said...

Hello. I really enjoyed your ideas.I hope you will be successfull in all your life .
your sincerely

NEGAR said...

your motto is friendly relationship in the weblog.I think friends have to criticize eachother so I want to say some thing :
I come to your weblog everyday for read another article but you don't continue.you should try to continue faster than this.
however I enjoy and I'm waiting eagerly.
good luck

NEGAR said...
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Anonymous said...

Your idea is truly right. Let's wish for the establishment of such an ideal kingdom!
Good Luck