Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The first and second world wars,also so many other wars all over the world show that the Erath needs a singular kingdom, the establishment of the United Nations organization proves that human being has approved this need.
Even with the existence of the U.N we see that the problems have not been lessened,so, a singular kingdom seems indispensable.
According to Bertrand rasel such a kingdom needs a ruler,having these characteristics:
1- He must do nothing in the sake of himself or for his benefit.
2-He must have an extreme knowledge about all good and evil.
3-He must have a great power to execute the law.
4- He must be some one who is able to unite the world.
He proceeds, since there is not such an individual,so establishment of singular kingdom will not come true,
But,I say that there is such a person…
Think well..
Nice time..

Friday, July 25, 2008


Leaders have always changed the destiny of their people. who are the leaders? What characteristics do they have?etc..
These are questions that have been taken into consideration so many times.
Do you know the Last Savior? Have you heard about him?
Almost all religions especially divine ones ,believe in the Last Savior, who will eventually come and will fight against all vicious evil and the like.
He has got different names in different cultures and religions;
Muslims call him Mahdi (some one who is guided)
Followers of Abraham call him Sahib (owner)
Zoroastrians call him Soroushe Izad(God's voice)
Jews call him Mashie (!)
In the Zabour (David's holy book) he's called Qidmo(Qa'em)
This popularity indicates that it can not be a rumor or a superstition, so no one can easily reject it.
So there must be a person who is under complete support of Almighty God, and according to all considerable beliefs about the Last Savior, he will spread the real justice all over the world, and the Earth will be blessed, full of God's bounties.(to be continued)
I will say more in the near future.
think well..
nice time..