Saturday, February 27, 2010


PLAN while others are Playing

STUDY while others are Sleeping

DECIDE while others are Delaying

PREPARE while others are Daydreaming 

BEGIN while others are Procrastinating

WORK while others are Wishing

SAVE while others are Wasting

LISTEN while others are Talking

SMILE while others are Frowning

PERSIST while others are Quitting

ref. here

nice time..


ZAHRA said...


How are you?

Me? I am cool. things are okay. I am preparing myself for the New Year. i have developed a fascination for Italian literature. These days i spend my time reading Italian novels and short stories.

What r u up to?

You've posted beautiful quotes here. I enjoyed reading them. Although your score was not good, i am sure that you've learnt something. The aim must be learning and experiencing.

Wanna share something with u. I dislike spending my time reading Persian blogs. See, I mean most of them post strange paragraphs and poems. When you read them you come to the conclusion that the owners of those blogs are suffering from depression or something. Too, they add strange or unusual pictures to their texts. I am sure you know what kind of text and image I am talking about. What do you think? Do u share the same view with me?

Good luck,


ZAHRA said...


Unluckily, I am not familiar with Italian but very much interested in learning it. I, as a result, read the Persian/English translation of Italian texts.

It is amazing that u wanna plant trees. Good for you. A very stress reliving and energy-saving activity.

Do u live in the north of Iran? I do admire its breathtaking beauty and terrific scenery.

Break a leg (Good luck),


Zahra said...


Oh, sorry. I forgot to contact your instructor. So, I left him a message some minutes ago.

I can fully grasp your interest in horticulture. I wish you luck.

So you were a guest in our province for some months! GOOD.