Sunday, January 31, 2010


How (what) does a prey feel?
Have you thought about this matter?
Consider, an animal for instance a deer , that is grazing, its careful about the environment ,
sees nothing to be dangerous, suddenly, hears a loud sound, a volley, then in no time, it feels an extreme pain.
It doesn’t know, from where does it come? Just a sound and then a pain. it also doesn’t know what's the relation between the sound and the pain...
I feel pity for them,,

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Zahra said...


This time I can c the picture u put here. Yeah, poor animals. I esp feel sorry for those hunters who hunt the animals illegally. Some the animals are going to be extinct, u know.

Thanks for wishing me luck. Congrats on finishing the first semester with success. Oh, I have a lot of plans. A huge pile of books on different subjects are awaiting my attention.

Wanna have fun and go walking. Pursing my Ph.D. studies is in the center of my attention too.

May God help Ghasem achieves his dreams.

take it easy