Tuesday, November 13, 2007


How much of the meaning of a text depends on us as readers?
Each text cosists of numbers of words and other gramatical points,it has a meaning that some times completely and some times partially is the writer's aim of writing!
So when we read a text how much we can rely on ourselves about the meaning?
of course its up to so many things,
our acquaintance with the subject,level of complexity of the text,and the like..
What do critics say?
Fomalists say that the meaning is inside the text,no where else,check the meaning of the words,diction,connotations,etc.
Consider you want to read a piece of poetry,
just check and find the meaning of the words and trace figures of speech,there is no need to find historical and biographical info. about the poet,because what we are looking for is independent..
Followers of reader oriented theory,say that reader is the one that creates the meaning,and there is no meaning in a text until a reder reads it..
There are several critics and points of view in this approach,I will clarify later..
I,in an ordinary text,think the thing which is important is that we should have an active mind during the reading,then by challenging with the text,as much we could understand from it,is enough for us..
But it doesn't hold true in all texts.
nice time..

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