Tuesday, November 13, 2007


To forget!!
This is one of the biggest favours from God..
we are surrounded by God's bounties in the world,they're countless..
No one can really thank God for these favours...
He is the most capable,just consider how many stars do we have in the endless heaven..
I want to say something about one of the most important favours that we dont think about it as it is worth to be thought..
To Forget..
A mother loves her child dearly,she can not tolerate any harm to her child,imagine this child accidentally dies,the mother in a period of time has an undescribable grief,but how much this sense lasts??
I do believe that a mother never can forget her child's death,but the very sence of extreme sorrow is not everlasting..
For what it's so??
It's because of forgetting..
Dont you think it's a big favour from God??
Think well..
nice time...

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Anonymous said...

Our experiences smell the autumn's varied colors, its various tastes.
They are like autumn in nature.
The trees have leaves to the extent of my happiness and hopefulness.
I am awaiting anonymous moments full of autumn's bitter breath.

A. Tahriri, M.Phil (University Instructor)